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2017 New Year Message from the 10th China Energy and Environment Summit
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2017 New Year Message from the 10th China Energy and Environment Summit


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In the New Year 2017, China Energy and Environment Summit (hereinafter referred to as “CEES”), after establishment and development in the previous nine years, will embrace its 10th anniversary with deepened reform, expansion and leapfrog development. The international Summit is a mechanism to analyze and predict China’s energy, environment and climate change.

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In the New Year 2017, CEES Organizing Committee and successive Secretary General LIN Zhiqin would like to extend heartfelt thanks to political, industrial, academic and media communities who have contributed to the development of CEES. We express special appreciation to a thousand world-class experts including former Indian president, Nobel Laureates, leaders of Fortune Global 500, counselors of the State Council, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, to leaders in charge of national energy and environment affairs who initiated the “Bai-Qian-Wan-Wan” Activity Plan of China Energy and Environment (“Bai-Jia-Jiang-Tan”, “Qian-Wei-Zhuan-Jia” and “Wan-Wan-Yi-Zhong”), to experts and entrepreneurs who contributed to the blue book of CEES Theory of Green Development for Ash Haze Dissipation and Green Development, The Global Dream which include innovative achievements, good suggestions, classical cases, creative technologies of Ash haze dissipation and systematic green development theories, to a thousand central mainstream media, different ministries and tens of thousands of organizations that have promoted green development and contributed to the goal of “Wan-Wan-Yi-Zhong” and national think tank, to staff in the CEES Organizing Committee, and to graduate and post-graduate students at home and abroad who worked as interns or volunteers. We would like to thank co-founders and supporting organizations of CEES, co-initiators of the “Bai-Qian-Wan-Wan” Activity Plan of China Energy and Environment , blue book members and consulting organizations of CEES, and related organizations and leaders who have made the results of CEES a part of decisions of the CPC Central Committee, the state Council, and ministries in charge of national energy and environment affairs,

We appreciate your great efforts over the 10 years  to spread green development concept, policies and the application of green technology. We appreciate your having been worked with us hand in hand to advance innovative integration, promote green development, eliminate ash haze and strive for the blue sky and white clouds , clear water and green mountains

2017 is the 10th anniversary of CEES as well as an important year to implement the 13th Five Year Plan. Following “Green Development, Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation, Regeneration, Effective Measures and Low-Carbon Development”, we would like to take this opportunity to consolidate high-end resources and efforts of political, industrial, academic communities and media at home and abroad over the past 10 years, to have closer cooperation with countries like the US, Austria, Japan, India, France, the UK, Australia and international organizations. We hope to collaborate with new and previous partners to organize sub-summits of various forms, field investigation activity on green technology at home and abroad, 10th anniversary activities, the third blue book and others. We want to get together talents with fund, technology, managerial expertise, and market and economic knowledge to expand industrial and regional cooperation in China and other countries. We will systematically conclude and display green achievements of the past 10 years and work with you to lift the 10th CEES to a new heights. We hope to make breakthroughs in green technology, green concept, innovative integration of green capital and key issues on green development and ash haze dissipation to promote greening economy,and energy, green energy revolution, greening institutional system, green culture, science technology, green standard , and new green energy application at national and local levels . By doing so, we can cure ash haze disease  fundamentally and lead a green path with Chinese characteristics.

In the future, we hope CEES can continue to get the trust and support from political, industrial, academic communities and media at home and abroad. We wish to share with you the green development achievements of CEES, to work for a greener China with bluer sky, greener land and cleaner water, and to promote global green development.

CEES wishes you a Happy New Year and Good Health! Hope we can overcome ash haze together! All the best!


The 10th CEES Secretariat          


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