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Invitation Letter:The 11th China Energy and Environment Summit (CEES)
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The 11th China Energy and Environment Summit (CEES)

Invitation Letter

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China Energy and Environment Summit (brief as CEES), jointly sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), National Energy Administration (NEA) , Ministry of Environmental Protection(MEP), Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), United States Department of Energy, University of International Business and Economics, Center for International Economic Exchanges, NDRC,China Center for Urban Development, NDRC, State Information Center, Xiamen University, Economic Daily and National Energy Conservation Center, has been successfully held for 10 consecutive sessions plus one web conference. In 2009, the Summit has been approved by the State Council as the Sub-Forum (the Largest one) of the Global Think-Tank Summit. (Achievements for ten years can be seen from Attachment in the end).

In order to reflect the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and promote the reform of green development, the 11th CEES (2018) will be jointly hosted by Energy and Environment Research Center, China Economic Trends Research Institute of Economic Daily, China Economic Information Network of State Information Center, Institute of Urban and Environment Studies Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, etc. in Beijing, on November 26th and December 15th - 16th in 2018. Topics and issues will include Green Development and Reform – investment and financing in green technologies and industries (energy conservation and environmental protection, biomass energy/garbage incineration power generation, oil and gas, new energy vehicles, and new energies, etc.), conservation in energy industry, application of hydrogen energy, environmental rights transaction, and green development of civilian nuclear technology. The Summit will invite leaders and experts from NDRC, NEA, MEP, MOST, MOC, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Board of Supervisors of State-owned Enterprises of the state council, NNSA (National Nuclear Safety Administration) and UNDP, to deliver speeches, have dialogue and exchanges or hold group discussions. 

Hundreds of mainstream media including People’s Daily, Economic Daily, Xinhua News Agency will cover the achievements of the forum. Also, the blue books will be published as reference for the Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CCCPC), the State Council, ministries and commissions under the State Council. It will establish high-end platform for the development in relevant industries and sectors at home and abroad, and it will also be conducive to the communication between the city and urban townships. Meanwhile it will promote the joint of green development and green technology, capital and industry. We will expand industrial, regional and international cooperation so as to make contributions to global ecological security. We will achieve this by promoting green energy revolution, improving the governance of the polluted air, water, land, and by building the Beautiful China via making the sky clearer, grass greener, water cleaner, houses more livable and environment nicer. The event will be co-hosted by Consulting Center of CEES in Beijing and other joint organizations which will host the sub-forum.

We are looking forward to having all levels of local and international organizations, experts, investors, entrepreneurs, people from the media to be present in this summit.

For more details, please contact us via:

 Mr. LIN Jie, Ms. Wang, Mr Zhang, Ms. Liu, Ms. Wu, MS Zhao, Ms Jiang etc.

Email: ceesint@163.com; ceeschina@139.com



Websiteswww.ceesint.org (English)www.ceeschina.org (Chinese)

Add: 10th Floor, Keyan Building, UIBE, No. 10, Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Economic Daily, No. 2, Baizhifang Dongjie, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

Economic Net, No. 58, Sanlihe Lu, Xicheng District, Beijing

Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

Yours sincerely,

LIN Zhiqin  Executive Vice-president & Secretary-General of China Energy and Environment Summit (CEES), NDRC, PRC. ;

Energy and Environment Research Center;

China Economic Trends Research Institute of Economic Daily;

China Economic Information Network of State Information Center;

Institute of Urban and Environment Studies Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

November 19th, 2018 Beijing, China

Initiators: State Information Center, NDRC ; China Center for International Economic Exchanges,NDRC; China Center for Urban Development,NDRC; Xiamen University; University of International Business and Economics(UIBE)
Organizers: CEES Secretariat,NDRC(Consulting Center of CEES), China Energy & Environment Institute, UIBE
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